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Spring 2017

Another year almost half way through. Time seems to pass faster each year and although full of good intentions to update website more frequently, events overtake me. This winter was a kind one here, much drier than normal so that on occasions the horses were able to go out on the grass, even on our very wet land.

Three babies were expected in 2017, although arrivals starting later than other years. After many sleepless nights camera watching, two babies arrived on 5th May within under 3 hours of each other - and both fillies ! Although these two babies are full sisters to last year's fillies out of Uno Tiffany and JEM Vegas Lady, they couldn't be more different for colour.

Tiffany's 2016 filly was an attractive, evenly marked very dark bay pinto (Donabi UK Eagles Show Stealer), Vegas's too (Donabi UK Eagles Luck Be A Lady) was the same colour but with a mostly dark bay body. This time Tiffany's is a solid silver bay with not a white hair to be seen, whereas Vegas' filly is mainly white all over with a black head and patch on her off side, and three black spots on her near side. 'Chalk and Cheese' doesn't come into it ! What they have in common is that both are correct, strong, healthy babies with the friendly, outgoing personalities my foals have.

The 'filly fairy' seems to have been on overtime in 2017, not just for me, but generally, according to other breeders' posts. The amazing thing about mine is that in three seasons the fillies' sire, Fallen Ash Farms Handsome Eagle has ONLY given me fillies ! That makes him an even more special boy for me.

The third and final foal expected is out of Fallen Ash Eagles First Love (Rio) and by Uno Tom Thumb, due around 20 - 24 June, but in keeping with Rio's other pregnancies it looks like being more likely the end of May, as she foals approximately four weeks early as a rule, and the signs are very much pointing that way.

Winter 2016

Foals weaned, horses woolly and relaxed, at last time to reflect on an amazing 2016 show season.
A record EIGHT Donabi UK bred or owned horses qualified for the HOYS final, all had WON their qualifiers throughout the season, so very proud of them all, and earned me Breeder of the Year, for the second successive season.

Even more outstanding, and very special for me, was that 6 of the 8 Donabi UK HOYS Finalists were sired by my superb champion stallion UNO TOM THUMB. Uno is even more amazing in that he continually sires top winning progeny from a limited number of mares, with no foals on the ground this year, but hopefully 2 or 3 in 2017.

Recognition of his achievement is the most coveted award for me, as HOYS Miniature Sire of the Year - such a very special little man !

Not to be outdone by 'Uno', the 'new boy' black pinto stallion Fallen Ash Farms Handsome Eagle, got his UK stud and showing career off to a flying start.


Following his win in the 'Starseeker' Stallion class at the BMHS Spring Show, 'Eagle' spent the entire summer out with his mares, coming in just a week before his next and only other outing at the BMHS Breed Championship Show, to compete in the Starseeker Final. Once again he WON the Stallion section and was then Champion of the non BMHS registered Starseeker classes - with Uno Champion of the BMHS Registered Section. At the evening performance Eagle was Overall Starseeker Champion, (with Uno Reserve), and qualifying Eagle for entry onto the full BMHS Showing Register, and able to compete in RIHS and HOYS Qualifiers in the future.

All thanks to Lisa Taylor for preparing and showing him so skilfully.

Besides Eagle's personal showing success, with his first crop of 2 filly foals in 2015 for me, he has already achieved the highest accolade as a sire, with both winning at the highest level. His black pinto daughter 'Donabi UK Eagle's Filigree' owned by Kirsty French, won the Youngstock HOYS Qualifier at Derbyshire Festival and was 3rd in the HOYS Final in October. Ironically Filligree's dam, Donabi UK Uno Lalique, did exactly the same - qualifying at Derbyshire Festival and 3rd in the Mare/Gelding Final.
First Edition
First Edition
His other daughter, 'Donabi UK Eagle's First Edition', a very striking silver bay filly, owned by Sara Al-keley, out of Uno Tiffany, had several first places in other classes, together with Reserve Champion and Champion.

What an incredible start for him - but even more pleasing for me, his 2016 foals were once again all fillies ! I'm nervous for 2017 - that 'colt fairy' must be waiting in the wings !

Other brief news - Donabi UK Uno Faberge has come back to join her dam and sisters, and another entrant of mine in the BMHS Starseeker 2 year old Final, JSW Epic's Gift of Love, WON the 2 year old and is accepted onto the full BMHS Showing Register - so another potential entry for HOYS Qualifiers in 2017.

Hope the winter is kind to us all and look forward to telling you all the Donabi UK news in 2017.

Summer 2016

WOW ! Donabi UK 2016 show season got off to an unbelievable start, with ALL horses shown having WON !

We began on 2nd April at the BMHS Spring Show with all eligible horses qualifying for RIHS at the end of July, including Lalique in the mare class, her yearling filly Donabi UK Eagles Filigree (Lily) owned by Kirsty French, and yearling full sibling Donabi UK Uno's Love Story (Poppy). Donabi UK Uno Colour Fairy (owned by Maxine & Claudia Foulkes, also qualified and was Res. Ch.)
To make it a family affair, their other full sibling, Donabi UK Uno Cartier was RIHS Champion and Overall Supreme Champion of the show.

BMHS Spring Show


Continuing the season, once again success in the coveted HOYS Qualifiers with Poppy winning the Youngstock class at Bath & West, and Cartier, her full sibling, a close 2nd. The following week at Derbyshire Festival Lala (another full sibling to Poppy and Cartier) gained her ticket to HOYS, as well as her daughter, Lily, owned by Kirsty French, in the Youngstock class. SIMPLY AMAZING !

Poppy at Bath and West


Lala at Derbyshire

In between times Tiffany came out 'just for fun' with her 9th consecutive foal at foot (and Tiff still only 12 years old) and won the BMHS mares Royal International qualifier at Bicton arena. We never intended to take up the qualification but very proud of this outstanding, super broodmare, that she can still come out and win.

Uno also had a 'fun' outing, again at Bicton, Area 13b show, he once again showed what a sensational super star he is, not only winning and taking two Championships ( with fabulous red white and blue garlands) but as a super stud, with already 4 of his progeny qualified for the HOYS Final in October.


Fallen Ash Farms Handsome Eagle made his first show ring appearance in the UK, at BMHS Spring Show winning the StallionStarseeker Class and qualifying for the final at the BMHS Championship Show. I am very grateful to Lisa Taylor for so patiently and expertly showing him for me.


Not to be outdone in the progeny stakes, Eagle's first filly from last year, Kirsty French's Donabi UK Eagles Filigree, won the Youngstock HOYS Qualifier at Derbyshire Festival show, so a brilliant start for him in the UK continuing from his Res World Championship in the US.


On top of showing successes and excitement I have been blessed with 3 beautiful foals this year, all by Eagle, continuing his record of producing 100% pinto fillies for me since he arrived. I know that's tempting fate - probably 100% colts next time !!

The fillies are all outstanding, but hard to compare, having such age gaps between them. Tiffany was first, foaling on 4th April, the most stunning and evenly marked very dark bay pinto filly. As with all Tiff offspring the filly, from a day old, had the awareness and confidence of a three week old foal. She is a strong, well made filly with a feisty spark about her.

All who knew dear Vegas were praying foaling would go well for her this time after losing her baby at birth last year. She was born to be a mum and it was heartbreaking to see how distraught she was then, but thankfully all went well this time and she too had a bay pinto filly. This baby was born on 13th May, five and a half weeks after Tiffany's, is a refined, leggy filly with a beautiful head.

Tiara kept us waiting a further 3 weeks before she produced a tiny, ultra refined, black pinto filly. What she lacks in size she makes up for in personality and confidence, I think will take a very long time to mature - but will be worth waiting for !

Several shows coming up, and RIHS Final at Hickstead on 30th July so still busy times ahead, - and it would be nice if we had some sunshine to enjoy.

Autumn 2015

HOYS Qualifier wins started with Ellie (Donabi UK Star Spangled Elegance) at Staffs County, shown by Tom Miller who has an amazing affinity with this filly and shows her always to her best advantage.

Maxine and Claudia Foulkes qualified Donabi UK Uno Colour Fairy at Three Counties Show - and went on to WIN the Mares/Geldings Final at Horse of the Year Show, so huge congratulations to them.

Donabi UK Uno Simply Magical was next, winning at the Kent County Show, and taking the Championship - once again sympathetically shown by Tom Miller.

My beautiful Donabi UK Uno Lalique (with her first foal at foot) WON at the New Forest Show.

Donabi UK Uno Cartier, full brother to Lalique, WON and Res Champion at Stoneleigh. Owned and shown by his proud owner Katy Smith.

Broodmare supreme - Fallen Ash Eagles First Love, dam of the above 2, WON at the BMHS Breed Championship Show skilfully shown for me by Hattie Miller, with Jo Burgess leading First Love's foal, Donabi UK Uno's Love Story.

On top of the excitement of the HOYS Final itself on the 7th October at the NEC, Birmingham, my daughter Donna and I had the honour of attending the HOYS Breeder Awards Presentation on Thursday evening, generously sponsored by the Kellythorpe Stud, where I was presented with a Certificate and engraved tumbler in presentation box for HOYS MINIATURE HORSE BREEDER OF THE YEAR. An award of which I am very proud, with thanks to all my horses and handler that made it possible, but particularly of course to UNO TOM THUMB

That was the show ring, but here at home wonderful things were happening too, with 4 fabulous foals born, three of them fillies ! (2016 will definitely be a 'colt' year !!)

Tiffany and MM foaled within 16 hours of each other. MM had a tiny, minimal black pinto colt, Donabi UK Uno DiMaggio so much like 'Uno', Tiffany quickly followed with a silver bay pinto filly, Donabi UK Eagles First Edition, this time by Fallen Ash Farms Handsome Eagle, a correct, strong, horsey silver bay pinto filly with beautiful limbs, and the easy, laid back temperament of all Tiff's babies.

Lala (Lalique) had her first foal on the due date of 18th May, an ultra refined, leggy, black pinto filly with a beautiful head, by 'Eagle', named Donabi UK Eagles Filigree.

First Love foaled on 13th June, almost four and a half weeks early, a compact bay pinto filly with huge eyes in an exquisite head, Donabi UK Uno's Love Story, which I have kept to run on and show in the future.

Time rushes by and seemingly in no time babies were being weaned and off to start their new life. DiMaggio was first to head off to his new home as a 2016 showing prospect. From starting life as a timid, shy little fellow, it sounds like he has gained huge confidence and 'rules the roost' with his adoring owners Bev Moore and her fiance Sergio. Not only does he have his own little paddock and custom built stable, but with a flag flying from it as well ! He is taking maximum advantage of the love and attention being showered on him.

Filigree was next to leave, during the last week of October, she had accompanied her dam Lalique to HOYS of course, where she behaved beautifully enjoying every moment. As well as beauty and elegance, there could not be a more relaxed, easygoing filly anywhere. Her new owners Kirsty French and young daughter Kyara visited every few weeks throughout the summer photographing her progress, and since having her home she has been dressed up with a witches hat for Halloween and has a smart 'elf' costume to match Kyara's as 'Santa's Little Helpers' for the festive period. Besides all that she has been photographed in the lounge watching 'Strictly' on TV. A much loved and appreciated little girl, exactly the sort of home I love my babies to go to.

First Edition (Alice) will be joining her new owner in January so I still have the joy of having her around. Alice is the sweetest, easygoing little person, she doesn't mind who she goes out with, or stays in with, whether on her own or sharing, such a typical Tiff baby, no wonder the other Tiffany babies are so good at their 'Therapy' job. I will miss Alice when she goes, but happy she will be appreciated by her new owner.

Uno's Love Story (Poppy) is simply stunning, I love her. From the moment she arrived I knew she was one I had to keep. The pairing of Uno and First Love is a 'match made in heaven' producing my beautiful HOYS Finalist Lalique, and her last year's colt, Cartier, owned by Katy Smith, a Champion at his first show the BMHS Spring Show, and HOYS Finalist. Poppy has an outsize personality in someone so small and enjoys being the centre of attention. I am looking forward to her show ring prospects.

Spring 2015

As seems to happen each year, events overtake me and keeping the website current is difficult, however, the following is a resume of what's been going on so far this year.

Winter wasn't too bad and soon it was time to be looking forward to foals arriving. I was expecting Tiffany first around mid April, but she turned out to be a few days late and was overtaken by MM having her first foal, arriving 10 days early. This baby was a tiny black pinto colt by 'Uno', so much like his sire, and with the lovely head 'Uno' puts on his babies.

16 hours later, not to be out done, Tiffany foaled a tall, leggy silver bay pinto filly. At still only 11 years old this was Tiffany's 8th consecutive foal - what an phenomanal broodmare she is. This filly was the first by my Fallen Ash Eagle Scout stallion, and so very different from her previous offspring. Not only is Tiffany an outstanding producing mare, in May, with foal at foot, she made her 2015 show ring debut and won a RIHS qualifier.

There was than a time lapse before the next foal arrived, until 18th May when Lalique had her first foal, again by my Fallen Ash stallion, and another filly ! An ultra refined and leggy, black pinto. Initially Lala seemed mystified as to where this new arrival had come from but, although not the most possessive mother, she is doing a great job rearing her baby, taking everything in her stride.

Sadly a week later I lost another beautiful black pinto filly by a red bag delivery that I didn't discover quickly enough and my resussitation attempts failed. It is always distressing, especially for the mare who has had babies before, and you blame yourself for not getting there quite soon enough.

After that, with Eagles First Love (Rio) still to foal around 11 July, I was very anxious. However, Rio decided not to wait until then and delivered her baby at 307 days !! Thankfully all went well and she produced the most breathtakingly beautiful bay pinto filly. This exquisite baby is full sister to Lala (Champion Donabi UK Uno Lalique) and to Rio's last year's colt owned by Katy Smith, Champion Donabi UK Uno Cartier, all by Uno Tom Thumb. I am so thrilled with this gorgeous little filly, I have to keep her.

Dear Ellie (Donabi UK Star Spangled Elegance) has again qualified to compete in the HOYS final at the NEC, Birmingham in October. She gained her qualification at Staffs County Show. Huge congratulations to Tom Miller for showing her so beautifully and for the unique, mutually responsive bond he has formed with her, they are a special partnership !

Tom has also been showing my 2 year old bay pinto filly, Donabi UK Uno Simply Magical with great success, including champion and reserve championships, and regularly highly placed in HOYS qualifiers. She is a stunning filly who has matured so much this year, both mentally and physically, I am very proud of her. Her full brother, Donabi UK Uno Romantic Affair is not only a multi champion winning stallion but has also proved himself, like his sire Uno Tom Thumb, to be a Champion producing sire.

Tom will continue showing Magical for me in Youngstock classes, with several major shows still to come, and with Lalique and First Love due to make their 2015 show ring debut during July, with foals at foot of course, he is going to show one of the mares and my daughter Donna, the other. Plus of course a couple of 'foal handlers' helping out!

All the foals are a joy to be around, they are confident, friendly and enjoy human attention - but of course huge time wasters, either spending time watching them having fun together or demanding attention whenever they see you.

Like human babies they grow up too quickly, and before long it will be autumn and having to think about weaning.

Autumn 2014

We were fortunate to have a really enjoyable, hugely successful show season culminating in a wonderful HOYS. It is going to be a hard one to follow, but we will be out there trying.

All the horses are roughed off now and looking quite woolly having already grown considerable winter coats, despite the unusually warm September and October - and now the mud has arrived. I find this a relaxing time for all of us, horses and humans. For them, long days out in the paddock, mostly without rugs on, enjoying the 'herd' environment. For me, not having to worry about their 'waistline'', making sure they are looking their best all summer for the show ring, and the joy of no clipping or bathing - that must be a plus for them too !

The mares have all been scanned in foal so looks like being a busy spring in 2015, starting with probably Tiffany due first in March and ending with Rio (First Love) possibly late June. I am excited about them all but especially my beautiful Lala (Lalique) as she is of course home bred and will be my first Uno Tom Thumb daughter to foal - expectations are sky high for that baby !

Ellie (Star Spangled Elegance) wasn't covered this year as she and Tom were enjoying such amazing success in the show ring, throughout the year, but Tom has been persuaded to let me prise her away from him for a short while next year to cover her with 'Uno' ! Hopefully another 'WOW' baby to look forward to in 2016 !

'Uno' himself is having the time of his life with Donna Bamonte and enjoying the company of his big friend Valentine Jak, Donna's extremely handsome HOYS ROR 6th placed finalist. Incredibly they even share a stable, which is amazing and speaks volumes for the temperament of them both as, even though only 29", Uno is very much a stallion when he needs to be - and Donna says he bosses poor Jak ! Donna's biggest problem has been finding ways to stop 'Uno' pinching Jak's feed and haynet, however out of reach she thinks it is 'Uno' shows he is 'resourceful' !!

Uno and Jak
Uno and Jak

I hope you have enjoyed my horses and that you will check back in 2015 to find out about new arrivals.



Summer 2014

I hate out of date websites, and now find myself one of the worst offenders. Once again my sincere apologies to the lovely people who have still bothered to contact me about my horses, I am very grateful.

Have to admit last winter was an increasing struggle coping alone with house, horses and work, together with an operation in April on my knee, injured at Brecon Show in August 2013 - and right now have the aftermath of a dislocated shoulder from 2 of my fillies colliding into me at speed when leading them back to stabling following their class at RIHS Championship Show, Hickstead on 1st August.

There have been huge 'upsides' too with my dear little 'Uno' (Tom Thumb) winning his class at Kent County Show in July and qualifying for HOYS. That is such a thrill to be going to HOYS once again, following our 10 consecutive years of qualifying, only missing 2013, although represented by 2 Donabi UK bred 'Uno' sired horses being 4th and 5th.

Good too came out of RIHS, Hickstead when my beautiful bay pinto yearling filly, Donabi UK Uno Simply Magical, WON the Yearling Championship Final - although I was in the ambulance on my way to hospital by then !! However, it was a huge thrill as she has taken all season to mature, but is a beautiful, refined, well marked filly. Her homozygous bay pinto full brother, Donabi UK Uno Colour Magician went to his new home in Sweden early in the year as herd sire, so I hope to hear about beautiful babies from him in the future, as his full brother, Donabi UK Uno Romantic Affair, has proved.

Foals arrived in April with Rio (Fallen Ash Eagles First Love) who had a stunning, ultra refined chestnut pinto colt, who will be going off to his new home at weaning.

Tiffany sprung yet another surprise with her 'Uno' foal, not only another filly, only her second from 7 foals, but ........... a silver pinto with one blue eye. I have never bred that colour before ! She is a filly with the most extrovert personality who craves human contact, and makes a beeline for anyone who enters her paddock. I am planning to run her on for my granddaughter Emilene to show and have fun with in 2015.

My dearest Chinchee, following yet another horrific foaling in early April, has been retired to a perfect 'forever home' where she is adored, so too her pretty micro mini daughter, Donabi UK Uno Snowbird, to close friends of Chinchee's new owner. I am so happy that Chinchee and Snowbird have found such wonderful humans to live with.

As it has been impossible for me to show my horses this year, I am so grateful to, of course my daughter Donna, but immensely to Tom Miller who has excelled in the show ring for me. He began with the first BMHS Show of 2014 at Stretcholt, by winning a big class with my silver bay 4 year old filly, Donabi UK Star Spangled Elegance, and qualifying her for the RIHS Final.

Tom and Ellie' went on to even better things at the last BMHS show of the season, the BMHS Breed Championships. They started with their first class of the day the HOYS qualifier - which they WON, and went on to be Champion of all the HOYS classes. They then went on to WIN their second class in the afternoon for mares, and a Qualifier for 2015 RIHS, and also took that overall Championship. In the evening they were eligible for the 'Grand Champion' class for all of the day's champions - which they WON and were GRAND CHAMPION, and then the final event of the evening the CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS Class, eligible to the BMHS Champions at shows throughout the season.....and they were crowned SUPREME GRAND CHAMPION of 2014. W O W !!!

Tom also showed 'Uno' to win at Kent County in July, qualifying him for HOYS in October, and likewise with my yearling filly, Donabi UK Uno Simply Magical, winning the RIHS Yearling Championship Final at Hickstead, for which he had qualified her in early June. Tom is a charming, dedicated, extremely capable young man, at a standard way above his 15 years of age ! I am so grateful to him.

Donna Bamonte too has been very kind giving up some of her valuable time showing horses and driving the lorry for me, having already qualified her fabulous ex-racehorse Valentine Jak for the HOYS final. Donna had remarkable courage to face this show season at all after the horrific accident on the M5 when returning from 2013 HOYS, when her precious ROR Finalist, Stevie Boy, was killed. It was a massive achievement to drive a horse box again after such a tragedy, and I am proud that my dear little 'Uno' has played a special part in boosting her confidence. Apart from covering his girls when required, Donna has been having fun with Uno, showing him a very different life. He lives amongst big horses, all 29" tall of him, feeling very important, and letting them know it. He has learnt to jump, which he loves and goes for walks with Donna and Charlie, her labrador. They make a lovely picture - what a lucky boy !

Horse numbers are hopefully at a more manageable level for next winter, and I have a lovely lady, Jane, who helps with the mucking out on weekdays.

Before all that an exciting HOYS final to look forward to in October.



Autumn/Winter 2013

We were all thankful for a wonderful summer, after the deluge we had in 2012 followed by the cold, wet spring. Everything is so much easier around animals when the weather is fine, but now, although getting chilly, the autumn has been pleasant. Once again it is time for the horses to simply enjoy life, no pressures or stresses with clipping/bathing/showing/travelling, mares settled in foal, stallion hormone level in relaxed mode - bliss ! With the coming of a new year thoughts will again turn to new foals arriving, shows to enter, and to look forward.

I haven't had mares scanned yet but hopeful that Tiffany, who once again started the show season with a win at 2013 Devon County Show, Chinchee and Rio (First Love) are all safely in foal for 2014. I am running on a lovely homozygous bay pinto filly by Uno out of JSW Magic Romance, who is leggy, correct and hopefully a good prospect for next year's show season. Her full brother, the stunning and evenly marked, also homozygous bay pinto, Donabi UK Uno Colour Magician, is rising 3 years and maturing into a refined leggy stallion.

Donabi UK Uno Colour Magician

Lalique will be in with the 'grown ups' next season as a 3 year old, and I plan to cover Ellie as a 4 year old.

WELL DONE to both Donabi UK Uno exhibits at the 2013 HOYS Final, Masterpiece taking a very creditable 4th place, and Colour Fairy 5th, fantastic result.

'Uno' himself went to one show towards the end of the season in September with Donna Bamonte at the David Broome Equestrian Centre, in Wales. Donna showed him beautifully to win his Miniature class and go on to be In Hand Champion over the 1st and 2nd placed horses from 22 classes, which included hunters and shires !! From that he qualified for a Supreme In Hand Championship the following week, where Donna was thrilled to gain 6th place overall with him. Proving he is 'still a star' at showing, and producing !

Katy Smith continues to work wonders with her Donabi Therapy horses. Donabi UK Uno Masterpiece in particular has had an amazing year, not only with prestigious wins in the show ring, and 4th in the HOYS final, but huge National publicity, including in the Daily Mirror, for the fantastic work Katy and her horses are doing in Care Homes, Hospices, etc. Masterpiece has become a 'celebrity' with local TV appearances, and on National TV in the Alan Titchmarsh Show. His full brother Donabi UK Uno Monet has also slotted into the job with a very relaxed attitude, even as only a rising 2 year old. Reflections Wish Upon A Star, as the only girl, amongst MP and Monet stamps her own very individual slant on the Therapy work, adding a huge personality and 'feminine attitude'. Katy is in demand in all parts of the country and well done to her for bringing such joy to so many people who would not normally have the pleasure of a horse coming indoors to meet them.

Tiffany's filly and Faberge have both gone to a fabulous new home in the Channel Islands, so for the moment numbers at a manageable level !

Once again 'Thank You' to the people who have enquired and showed an interest in my horses.

2014 not very far away and lots to look forward to.


Summer 2013

Coping with the wet, and hock deep mud during the winter proved to be more difficult than ever, so despite good intentions I never actually managed to update my website before now. I apologise for this and thank all the many really genuine people who kindly enquired after purchasing horses from me, I am flattered at their kind comments and their interest in my particular horses.

Having only two foals expected in 2013 helped to lighten the load, and then both of them being tobiano fillies was a lift to my spirits, particularly as both mares had only ever produced colts before, albeit outstanding ones. Tiffany I had given up on of ever producing a filly, after 5 consecutive colts, but what an exceptional, fantastic mare she is, both as a broodmare and in the show ring, with again winning at Devon County Show in May plus foal at foot.

Magic's two previous colts have been also been outstanding, with Donabi UK Uno Romantic Affair being a huge success for the delightful Kelly family from Ireland, and her homozygous bay pinto colt Donabi UK Uno Colour Magician whom I am running on as a future stallion, and who is now covering his first mare. For Magic to present me with a refined, leggy, homozygous bay pinto filly was more than I dared hope for, so absolutely thrilled - and to be named Donabi UK Uno Simply Magical.

I am only planning to do a small number of shows but have been delighted with results so far with wins from Tiffany at Devon County and Ellie (Donabi UK Star Spangled Elegance) at Royal Cornwall, together with placings for Lalique and Faberge. Rio (Fallen Ash Eagles First Love) at only 6 years old and dam of Lalique and Faberge has been highly placed at her two County Show appearances, Bath & West and three Counties, and to me gets more beautiful as she matures. James Gawler took the most wonderful photo of her which is going to be on the BMHS calendar.

Donabi UK stock with their owners have continued to do well with Donabi UK Uno Colour Fairy looking wonderful at 3 years old and just missing the HOYS nomination at Three Counties, and Donabi UK Uno Masterpiece, besides his busy therapy and media work, has also been winning in the show ring.

Rio (Fallen Ash Eagles First Love)

Rio (Fallen Ash Eagles First Love)
(by James Gawler)



Donabi UK Uno Masterclass full brother to Masterpiece, Colour Coded, Monet and Legacy, sired his first foal, born this year, out of the bay pinto mare Seahorse Scouts Spellbound Ahlea, an ultra refined dun filly.

Chinchee, Tiffany and Rio (FA Eagles First Love) have been covered for 2014 foals, and I am still waiting for Ellie to come in season.


5th November 2012

End of another show season, time to reflect, for horses to relax and enjoy the freedom of getting muddy and growing thick woolly coats. For a few months no clipping, bathing or smartening up and travelling the motorways - time for them to be 'just a horse' ! We enjoyed the shows but not the weather, it could have been a lot kinder for many of them.

We got off to a good start at Devon County with great results for all our entries, particularly Uno Tiffany winning and taking the Reserve Championship, whilst with another stunning colt foal at foot.

2012 was a particularly notable season as for the 10th Year Successive year, we qualified for HOYS, this time with Rio (Fallen Ash Eagles First Love) with an eye catching black pinto filly foal at foot. We are very proud to have reached this memorable milestone.

Tiffany's fabulous chestnut pinto homozygous, blue eyed colt has been weaned and gone to his new home. Rio and Chinchee's fillies, Faberge and Snowbird respectively, were late arrivals in June so are still at present with their mothers. Faberge is an ultra refined, well marked, dainty filly, like Lalique, her full sister from 2011, and I hope to show her next season. Snowbird is the first pinto foal Chinchee has had, always producing solid coloured babies to Uno previously. 'Snow' has a gorgeous head, like her dam, and although well made and very correct, she is going to be tiny, probably around 28" - 29" at maturity, but a strong little character.

Other news to tell you about, Donabi UK Uno Masterpiece, Tiffany's 2009 chestnut pinto, 29" and now a gelding, began a new life from late summer, as a 'Therapy' horse, with his new owner Katy Smith. Masterpiece took to his new role immediately and has already brought much joy to the residents in the care homes and hospices he has visited. Walking up steps, riding in the lift to upper floors are now second nature to him. Not only does he look striking but he has an unbelievable laid back temperament, just like Uno Tom Thumb his sire, and is happy to be petted and admired by his audience.

Donabi UK Uno Colour Magician, JSW Magic Romance's homozygous bay pinto colt born in the autumn of 2011 is maturing into a stunning looking individual, and an exciting show prospect and future sire. Magician is full brother to Donabi UK Uno Romantic Affair, shown with such success by David Kelly of Turra Lodge Stud in Ireland.

Colour MagicianColour Magician
Donabi UK Uno Colour Magician


I don't anticipate having more than 2 - 3 foals in 2013, possibly Tiffany, Magic and Chinchee, but will have them scanned at a later date.

Our only horses for sale at present are Donabi UK Uno Snowbird, Chinchee's tiny filly for those who adore the truly small miniature horses, and the homozygous black pinto mare, Reflections Wish Upon A Star. 'Wish' is a real fun horse, performance trained, Fancy Dress winner, and such a huge character in a small package of 29", we have been enjoying just having her around. Open for 2013.

Three gorgeous black pinto fillies = 2 x Donabi UK and 1 x Fallen Ash, in their winter woollies - can't wait to see what they look like underneath all that fluff...

Three filliesThree fillies

Hopefully the winter will not be too severe, or too wet !!

27th June 2012

Chinchee's tiny black pinto filly arrived on the evening we came home from the Royal Cornwall Show, and thankfully, although it was earlier than expected, all went well. Chinchee looks amazing, motherhood certainly suits her. 'Baby', as yet still un-named is tiny and cute, always in a hurry, bombing around, an absolute joy after last year's woes.

We have been to four County Shows to date, beginning successfully at Devon County in May with Tiffany winning her class and being overall Reserve Champion. Fallen Ash Eagles First Love's pinto filly from last year, Donabi UK Uno Lalique has blossomed into the most refined, elegant yearling with an exquisite head, and Ellie (Donabi UK Star Spangled Elegance) is now a beautiful 2 year old. Both have been consistently in the ribbons, Ellie particularly in the two HOYS qualifiers she has been shown in, with a 2nd at Bath & West and 3rd at Three Counties, so trying hard to win that very special HOYS ticket.






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4th May 2012

The first of our 2012 foals by Uno Tom Thumb, Donabi UK Uno Monet, arrived on 19th April, a spectacular, refined homozygous chestnut pinto with BLUE EYES !! A show colt to turn heads. Click here for pictures...

12th March 2012

We are relieved to be almost through the winter weather and now looking forward to the 2012 expected foals, and a season showing.

There are three of our 'Elite' mares to foal in 2012 to our top producing stallion Uno Tom Thumb. Multi champion Uno Tiffany is the first one due around the end of April.

Dear Nehi Chinchee May has hopefully put all the problems of last year behind her, and is expected to foal in June. We will anxiously be awaiting the safe arrival of this foal.

It was exciting to have Fallen Ash Eagles First Love confirmed in foal when scanned in January, even though it could be a July baby. She had an exquisite ultra refined grulla pinto filly in 2011, which has been retained and will be heading for the show ring this season.

Show schedules are arriving and it won't be long before showing is once again under way. Clipping, bathing, travelling to shows...............lots to look forward to.

23rd September 2011






Our own stunningly beautiful silver bay filly DONABI UK STAR SPANGLED ELEGANCE, multi winner and HOYS QUALIFIER.

UNO TIFFANY - straight from pasture with foal at foot, first time shown in 2011 - WINNER of Mare Class at BRITISH MINIATURE HORSE CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW.



Our amazingly consistent mare Seahorse Scouts Gold Melody Glitz, shown for the first time since becoming a mother, came out this season once again in winning form, taking the title of CHAMPION MINIATURE HORSE at Devon County Show on 21st May.

On top of that fabulous result, Donabi UK Uno Dainty Diva, the yearling filly by Uno Tom Thumb out of Nehi Chinchee May belonging to Jo and Chris Davies from Wales, WON 2 classes and stood Reserve Champion to Glitz.

On top of that I heard that the yearling colt Donabi UK Uno Romantic Affair (Uno Tom Thumb/JSW Magic Romance) was in the ribbons again, also on 21st May, WINNING 2 classes in Ireland.

WHAT AN AMAZING DAY FOR DONABI UK !!! These 'Uno' babies keep on winning !

17th May 2011

ANOTHER FILLY !! Rio couldn't wait until 2nd/3rd week in June - look what I found out in the paddock around 11.30 am on Saturday morning 14th May ! (Go to Foal page) An exquisite, delicate, leggy filly with the most beautiful head and gorgeous tipped in 'Araby' ears.

So much going on, its hard to keep up with the News ! On her debut into the show ring, in her first two shows 8th and 15th May, Ellie (Donabi UK Star Spangled Elegance) has picked up 3 wins, a Reserve Championship and a Championship !

Dear little Blondie has started off 2011 in winning form again for my little granddaughter Emilene, she too has won 2 weeks running in Miniature Horse classes, plus a Reserve Championship, and 2nd in a Young Handler Qualifier.

9th May 2011

2010 was an amazing year both with our beautiful foals and much success in the show ring - sadly, as anyone with horses knows, it doesn't last, there is always a down !

Our downturn came early in 2011 got off to a tragic start on 27 January with Nehi Chinchee May foaling almost 6 weeks early with all sorts of complications resulting in her losing a beautiful filly. Fortunately, after causing a few days anxiety and stay in the equine hospital, Chinchee was back to her old self. My relief was short lived as on 20th February she was suddenly taken ill and diagnosed with peritonitis, resulting in an emergency surgery that evening with four days on the danger list and a prolonged 10 day stay in hospital.

Glitz was next to foal a week late on 14th April, and that to my horror was another red bag delivery, two in a row seemed impossible, but fortunately her filly was correctly presented and after a struggle I managed to pull it out safely. It is the most amazing loudly marked sorrel pinto, very correct, with a lovely head and fabulous friendly temperament.

Spirit foaled a little early, 10 days after Glitz on the 24th April, not quite straightforward either but another filly, an unusually marked minimal black pinto. This filly is ultra refined and leggy with a fantastic head, similar to Spirit's filly from last year that I have run on.

Tiffany should be next towards the end of the May/June, followed by Rio (Fallen Ash Eagles First Love) with Magic bringing up the rear for a late summer baby.

6th September 2010

Venus is a Champion !!

My beautiful palomino mare Palace Majestys Lady Venus in Gold, on loan to Jo and Chris Davies in Wales, rewarded them at the MHCGB Championship Show at Moulton over the Bank Holiday weekend - details to follow.

Further County Show Successes -

13th September 2010

Uno Tom Thumb at his second and final show of 2010, ended where he began with a WIN, at Devon County in May and Dorset County Show on 5th September.

21st July 2010

Our elegant refined 3 year old filly, FALLEN ASH EAGLES FIRST LOVE, followed up her Devon County win with another First at Royal Cornwall. She was also 3rd at Royal Bath & West.

Uno's continuing success as a sire and producer of Champions was further enhanced by his bay pinto daughter, Oakleigh Dream A Little Dream, being Reserve Champion at Royal Cornwall, and Champion the following day at Weyhill.
Another stunning daughter, Tinkerley Pippy Long Stocking, the elegant, leggy, blue roan pinto filly belonging to Philip Matthews Brown has continued in the same winning ways she began 2010, recently taking Champion and Supreme Championships in the North of the UK.

Seahorse Scouts Gold Melody Glitz, our incredibly consistent mare who has won at the highest level throughout her five years, has done it again - SHE QUALIFIED FOR HOYS, HER FIFTH CONSECUTIVE OCCASION, at The Three Counties Show, Malvern in June - we are so thrilled to be going there once again.

Emilene and Blondie in the ribbons again !!

Another important member of our 'Show Team', not previously on the website as no current pics - but awaiting some taken at Devon County and Royal Cornwall - is a petite, refined palomino pinto yearling filly Los Arboles Idols Deal Me Diamonds.

24th May 2010


A 'Double Win' situation for Uno Tom Thumb - not only did he WIN the stallion class at the Devon County Show on Saturday 22nd May, his first show outing this year, but his daughter WON 2 classes and went on to take the Championship with 'Uno' standing Reserve Champion to her !! A WIN/WIN for him as a stallion and as a sire.

Devon County Show win for Fallen Ash Eagles First Love click here

Another newcomer this year Los Arboles Idols Deal Me Diamonds - who isn't yet on the website, was also in the ribbons at the Devon County Show. We were thrilled that on her first time shown this palomino pinto yearling filly by the 'Sire of the Year at the 2009 U.S. World Show First Knights Billy Idol was 2nd in the Yearling class to the eventual champion miniature - Uno's daughter, Oakleigh Dream A Little Dream.

Details and picture of this exquisite Arab type filly will shortly be on our 'Fillies' page.

10th May 2010

Glitz back in winning form click here

and Blondie notches up another first click here

2nd May 2010

Congratulations to Kathy Phillips and 'Dreamy', Uno's daughter, on their success at Weyhill at the beginning of May, making it 4 out of 4 - 100% of Uno Tom Thumb's progeny shown this season are WINNERS.

Anne Deakin has won and qualified her 2 year old filly out of Nehi Chinchee May, Donabi UK Wishes N Dreams, for IMHPS Mini HOYS and MHCGB Championship Show in the autumn.

Sue and Alan Duke won 2 classes and qualified for MHCGB Championship, with Uno Tiffany's yearling colt, Donabi UK Uno Masterpiece, on their first outing.

Kathy Phillips has had much success with the stunning bay pinto yearling filly out of a mare bred by us, Donabi UK Clouds of Gold. This little filly did well as a weanling in 2009 and at the MHCGB Spring Show was 2nd in a huge class, and a 3rd in another.

A big winner at the MHCGB Spring Show, and potential super star, was the blue roan pinto yearling filly owned by Philip Matthews Brown, Tinkerley Pippy Long Stocking. This outstanding, refined, leggy filly is out of a mare I imported five years ago, Iona Farms Special Effect, and sold in foal to 'Uno' in 2008 to Jenny Marks from Derby.

'Pippy' is a spectacular filly, she has a lovely head, beautiful natural curve to her neck, clean through the throat, leggy and a wonderful body. On top of this she has movement and oozes presence. In the words of the American judge John Eberth she is an awesome filly !

'Pippy' won the 'Hack' class, won the Category 'B' 1, 2 & 3 year old class, she was Reserve Champion Scaled Down Show Horse, CHAMPION Category 'B' of the Show and selected in the Top Four for Supreme Champion of the Show. We are so very proud for Uno Tom Thumb, and congratulate Philip Matthews-Brown, and Jenny Marks.



Following the success in March of our only foal of last season Donabi UK Uno Masterpiece with his new owners, we went to our first show of the 2010 season on Saturday (10th April 2010) and came home with a 1st and 2nd from two classes.

We took one of my latest imports - which I haven't even had time to put on the website yet - a teeny weeny 2 year old Palomino filly, Rocking M Remingtons Bita Blondie.

My 5 year old granddaughter Emilene showed 'Blondie' in an Open Novice Horse/Handler Class at the BMHS Spring Show and WON the class ! First show for Horse and Handler !!!

As you can imagine we were ecstatic and very proud of both Emilene and Blondie. My daughter, Donna, showed Blondie in a later class for 1 & 2 year olds and was 2nd.



Donabi UK Uno Masterpiece

We knew he was a 'Masterpiece' and he's proved it !!

First time shown by his owners Sue and Alan Duke in Kent on 22 March 2010, Donabi UK Uno Masterpiece WON two classes, including an Open Class of Most Refined, and qualified for the MHCGB Championship Show at Moulton College in September. What a fantastic start to his show career. Congratulations!

Some happy news from DONABI UK -


At 9 months old now weighing in at 5 1/2 stone - she's going to be a big girl !!!

panda 9 months old
panda 9 months old
Panda and Ella - best friends.
panda 4 months old


Go to our Foal Page, and check out


Congratulations to Nakita and Angela, owners of Royal International Horse Show 2008 Supreme Champion Miniature Horse, STORMY RIVERS SCOUTS SHEZ SO RANDI who foaled an outstanding bay colt in April by our herd stallion UNO TOM THUMB - looks like another potential star to follow in his sire and dam's show ring successes.


We wish Anne Deakin good luck with our 'Bred in the Purple' filly Donabi UK Uno Wishes N Dreams, foaled last year, sired by Uno Tom Thumb out of our multi Champion and HOYS winning mare, Nehi Chinchee May. We hope she fulfills some of Anne's 'wishes and dreams'.

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