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both by Fallen Ash Farms Handsome Eagle


Three babies were expected in 2017, although arrivals starting later than other years. After many sleepless nights camera watching, two babies arrived on 5th May within under 3 hours of each other - and both fillies ! Although these two babies are full sisters to last year's fillies out of Uno Tiffany and JEM Vegas Lady, they couldn't be more different for colour.

Tiffany's 2016 filly was an attractive, evenly marked very dark bay pinto (Donabi UK Eagles Show Stealer), Vegas's too (Donabi UK Eagles Luck Be A Lady) was the same colour but with a mostly dark bay body. This time Tiffany's is a solid silver bay with not a white hair to be seen, whereas Vegas' filly is mainly white all over with a black head and patch on her off side, and three black spots on her near side. 'Chalk and Cheese' doesn't come into it ! What they have in common is that both are correct, strong, healthy babies with the friendly, outgoing personalities my foals have.

all by Fallen Ash Farms Handsome Eagle




Once again winter wasn't bad as regards cold, but made up for it by being very wet. Once Christmas and New Year celebrations are over it seems no time before babies are arriving. Tiffany, for the first time ever in her broodmare career, decided to have her 9th consecutive foal a couple of weeks early - and catch me out ! I knew she was fairly close but didn't indicate that foaling was imminent so she was out with a couple of her mare friends. I realised things had changed when I arrived home and the other two came down to meet me as usual, but no sign of Tiff. I rushed around putting them in before going to find Tiff, then madam appeared with a very well presented bay pinto foal beside her. From its appearance baby had been here a while, as perfectly dry and confident beside her. Tiff probably delivered soon after she confirmed I was well out of the way ! Thankfully all was well and it is the most stunning, evenly marked filly.

As Vegas had such a sad time last year losing her foal, everyone who knew her was willing everything to go right for her this time, and I was watching her closely - fortunately it did, resulting in a beautiful, leggy and refined bay pinto Filly, ironically born on Friday the 13th !! Vegas's role in life was to be a mum, she adores her baby.

The third and final foal of the year born on 4th June was, incredibly, ANOTHER FILLY. Her dam, Tiara, is tiny but I hoped maybe Eagle would introduce more height in the foal, well that didn't quite work ! This adorable, black pinto filly is minute, smaller than my Newfoundland dog even now at 5 weeks old, but she is beautiful, with proportionately long legs and ultra refinement. She is full of energy and enjoys plenty of attention, which is always rewarding.


Winter wasn't too bad and soon it was time to be looking forward to foals arriving. I was expecting Tiffany first around mid April, but she turned out to be a few days late and was overtaken by MM having her first foal, arriving 10 days early. This baby was a tiny black pinto colt by 'Uno', so much like his sire, and with the lovely head 'Uno' puts on his babies.

16 hours later, not to be out done, Tiffany foaled a tall, leggy silver bay pinto filly. At still only 11 years old this was Tiffany's 8th consecutive foal - what an phenomanal broodmare she is. This filly was the first by my Fallen Ash Eagle Scout stallion, and so very different from her previous offspring. Not only is Tiffany an outstanding producing mare, in May, with foal at foot, she made her 2015 show ring debut and won a RIHS qualifier.

There was than a time lapse before the next foal arrived, until 18th May when Lalique had her first foal, again by my Fallen Ash stallion, and another filly ! An ultra refined and leggy, black pinto. Initially Lala seemed mystified as to where this new arrival had come from but, although not the most possessive mother, she is doing a great job rearing her baby, taking everything in her stride.

Sadly a week later I lost another beautiful black pinto filly by a red bag delivery that I didn't discover quickly enough and my resussitation attempts failed. It is always distressing, especially for the mare who has had babies before, and you blame yourself for not getting there quite soon enough.

After that, with Eagles First Love (Rio) still to foal around 11 July, I was very anxious. However, Rio decided not to wait until then and delivered her baby at 307 days !! Thankfully all went well and she produced the most breathtakingly beautiful bay pinto filly. This exquisite baby is full sister to Lala (Champion Donabi UK Uno Lalique) and to Rio's last year's colt owned by Katy Smith, Champion Donabi UK Uno Cartier, all by Uno Tom Thumb. I am so thrilled with this gorgeous little filly, I have to keep her.

Donabi UK Uno Silver Edition

Tiffany sprung yet another surprise with her 'Uno' foal, not only another filly, only her second from 7 foals, but ........... a silver pinto with one blue eye. I have never bred that colour before ! She is a filly with the most extrovert personality who craves human contact, and makes a beeline for anyone who enters her paddock. I am planning to run her on for my granddaughter Emilene to show and have fun with in 2015.

Donabi UK Uno Cartier

Another stunning, ultra refined foal by 'Uno' out of my beautiful Fallen Ash mare, Eagles First Love. This time a striking well marked, leggy chestnut pinto colt, full brother to Donabi UK Uno Lalique and Donabi UK Uno Faberge. Cartier will be going off to his new home at weaning.

2012 foals have gone to wonderful new homes, with the exception of Donabi UK Uno Faberge, full sister to Donabi UK Uno Lalique and daughter of Fallen Ash Eagles First Love, who is a 'keeper'. Faberge is fulfilling the promise she showed as a new born foal and maturing into a very beautiful filly, as are her sister and dam.

Only having two foals due this year made things easier after the wet, cold winter - and even better, they were BOTH Fillies !! This was all the more amazing as Uno Tiffany's five consecutive foals have all been colts, and I was beginning to believe that was how it would be again.
JSW Magic Romance's two foals have also both been colts so a filly this time was once again a very pleasant surprise. Probably colts all the way for 2014 !!!!!!!

Tiffany's Baby and Girls

Magic's Filly




Tiffany's fabulous chestnut pinto homozygous, blue eyed colt has been weaned and gone to his new home. Rio and Chinchee's fillies, Faberge and Snowbird respectively, were late arrivals in June so are still at present with their mothers. Faberge is an ultra refined, well marked, dainty filly, like Lalique, her full sister from 2011, and I hope to show her next season. Snowbird is the first pinto foal Chinchee has had, always producing solid coloured babies to Uno previously. 'Snow' has a gorgeous head, like her dam, and although well made and very correct, she is going to be tiny, probably around 28" - 29" at maturity, but a strong little character.


Our third and final foal of 2012 arrived on 26th June. An absolutely exquisite refined, leggy black pinto filly with a superb head. This foal is the kind you could wait a lifetime for, the beauty and refinement you dream of, all in one package, and I am so lucky to already have her full sister from 2011, Donabi UK Uno Lalique. The pics were taken when she was about 20 minutes old, so will be updated as she progresses.

Second 2012 foal arrived on 9th June. Another surprise as it was a pinto and Uno/Chinchee have previously always produced solid colour babies - but always fillies. This little baby arrived early and like Chinchee's other foals weighed in at around 8 kilos. She is a pretty, cute little doll, so feminine but playful and cheeky with plenty of presence like her dam.



Monet, 4 weeks old, striding out at Devon County ShowDonabi U Uno Monet at 9 weeks looking very smart, ready to go with his mum Uno Tiffany to a Charity Fun Day we were asked to attend on 23rd June. He is so colourful, and those blue eyes....................WOW!

Our first foal of 2012 born on 19th April. Just when I think I have had all the surprises 'Uno' has to offer, he and Tiffany produce yet another spectacular colt (Tiff's 5th colt in a row, she doesn't 'do' girls !) a chestnut pinto but......with BLUE EYES !!! Where did they find this one ?? This little colt, Monet, is loudly marked and again homozygous for tobiano. Don't know how 'Uno' is producing so many homozygous offspring either, he must have the most incredible gene pool, 6 out of 8 of his 2011 foals were tested positive for tobiano.

Monet is such a typical 'Tiff' baby right from the beginning, not only his quality, colouring and refinement but like his full brothers he is overly confident, people friendly and 'grown up' for his age. We are just loving having him around, but he will be for sale at weaning as I have run on a bay pinto homozygous 'Uno' colt from 2011.

Donabi UK Uno MonetDonabi UK Uno Monet
The first of our 2012 foals by Uno Tom Thumb, Donabi UK Uno Monet, at 3 days old, a spectacular, refined homozygous chestnut pinto with BLUE EYES !!

A show colt to turn heads.
Donabi UK Uno Monet

We are relieved to be almost through the winter weather and now looking forward to the 2012 expected foals, and a season showing.

There are three of our 'Elite' mares to foal in 2012 to our top producing stallion Uno Tom Thumb. Multi champion Uno Tiffany is the first one due around the end of April.

Dear Nehi Chinchee May has hopefully put all the problems of last year behind her, and is expected to foal in June. We will anxiously be awaiting the safe arrival of this foal.

It was exciting to have Fallen Ash Eagles First Love confirmed in foal when scanned in January, even though it could be a July baby. She had an exquisite ultra refined grulla pinto filly in 2011, which has been retained and will be heading for the show ring this season.

foaled an absolutely stunning, leggy, refined colt on 31st August. Another baby which arrived almost a month before its due date, but that was a bonus being so late in the summer now. This little boy is full brother to Donabi UK Uno Romantic Affair who has had such a sensational first season for the delightful Kelly Family of Turra Lodge in Ireland.

Early days yet, but this colt has the look of another 'Superstar'.

Magic's coltMagic's colt


It seems Tiffany was in a hurry as well and presented a very striking pinto colt on Thursday morning 19th May 2011 soon after I put her out in the paddock, and luckily before I left for work ! Full brother to Masterpiece and Masterclass, but again soooo different !


Tiffany's coltTiffany's colt

Rio couldn't wait until 2nd/3rd week in June - look what I found out in the paddock around 11.30 am on Saturday morning 14th May ! An exquisite, delicate, leggy filly with the most beautiful head and gorgeous tipped in 'Araby' ears.






2011 filly out of Fallen Ash Eagles First Love


Our first two foals have arrived and are both very different but beautiful fillies!

After the joy of having 5 out of 5 foals arriving safely last year, sadly this year we were not to be so lucky.

Starting as early as 27th January things started to go wrong with dear little Nehi Chinchee May foaling almost 6 weeks early with all sorts of complications resulting in her losing a beautiful filly.

Glitz was next to foal a week late on 14th April, and that to my horror was another red bag delivery, two in a row seemed impossible, but fortunately her filly was correctly presented and after a struggle I managed to pull it out safely. It is the most amazing loudly marked sorrel pinto, very correct, with a lovely head and fabulous friendly temperament.

Spirit foaled a little early, 10 days after Glitz on the 24th April, not quite straightforward either but another filly, an unusually marked minimal black pinto. This filly if ultra refined and leggy with a fantastic head, similar to Spirit's filly from last year that I have run on.

Tiffany should be next towards the end of the May/June, followed by Rio (Fallen Ash Eagles First Love) with Magic bringing up the rear for a late summer baby.

Glitz's foal 2011



Spirit's foal 2011:
Donabi UK Uno Mirakel

2010 Foals

Spirit's foal 2010Spirit's foal 2010 1 day old

'Spirit' the latest broodmare to join our herd from Faith Farm in Alabama, presented us on 13th May with this exquisite, leggy, refined filly, sired by the strikingly marked Another Dimension Mr Remarkable. The filly has inherited her dam's beautiful head, and is an attractive silver bay - which is a first for us, we haven't had that colour before !

Uno Tiffany produced a colt foal in the early hours of Wednesday 29th April - and she caught me out, although I had the screen on all night in the bedroom !! He was a week late, and it showed, what a super, well furnished baby, and potentially another show stopper, with the lovely head that stamps 'Uno Tom Thumb' foals.

Well forget the Colour Calculator !!! I haven't a clue what colour this little boy is - a sort of pale milk chocolate/minky colour with not a white hair anywhere to be seen, and like the other three foals, with a very definite dorsal stripe going along his back and down his tail.

Tiffany looks wonderful, having already regained her trim figure, looking fit for the show ring right now, she is such a brilliant broodmare.

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wonderful head shot of this outstanding foal, now in his new home with Barbara Edmonds.


No Easter Bunnies - but two fantastic Easter babies !!!

Magic's and Ahlea's Babies PlayingMagic's and Ahlea's Babies Playing
Magic's and Ahlea's Babies Playing
Magic's Colt
Revealed!! The beautiful heads that 'Uno' babies are renowned for
Ahlea's filly's headMagic's colt's head

More news on these exquisite Uno Tom Thumb babies, to follow soon.

JSW Magic Romance foaled on Good Friday afternoon, a stunning tricoloured, leggy, refined colt with gorgeous big eyes.....

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and on Easter Sunday, Seahorse Scouts Spellbound Ahlea presented us with another tri coloured beautiful, delicate filly: Donabi UK Uno Colour Fairy



25th January 2010 - The first baby of the 'New Dawn' and its a Filly !


Super star Nehi Chinchee May presented me with a gorgeous, tiny black filly, almost a carbon copy of her 2008 filly Donabi UK Wishes'N' Dreams. This little girl is just as tiny as her older sister, so petite and beautiful, with the fabulous dished head inherited from her mother, and incredibly weighing in at exactly the same weight as 'Wishes and Dreams' at 8 kilos.

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