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Due to a change of direction in 2003 Donabi Miniatures dramatically reduced their numbers of breeding and showing miniature shetland stock and now have just three top quality champion mares, BIRCHWOOD SMALLPRINT, DONABI HOLLY and BIRCHWOOD SHAMROCK


Trophies and some rosettes from 2014Trophies and some rosettes from 2013


2013 show season was brilliant but 2014 got even better with my beautiful home bred filly DONABI UNIQUE winning on each occasion she was shown. I am so proud to own, and have bred, such a lovely, typey Miniature Shetland.. A few of her successes this season are as follows:-

BMHS Spring Shetland Show - UNIQUE not only won her classes but went on to take the Miniature Junior Championship and was also RESERVE SUPREME MINIATURE SHETLAND.

Her next show was Caz's Shetland Show at Bicton Arena - Once again UNIQUE won her classes, was Miniature Junior Champion and OVERALL SUPREME SHETLAND.

At Bicton once again in July, Unique again took the MINIATURE JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIP. Donabi Holly with her foal at foot, Donabi Viva, came along for an outing and won the Open Veteran Shetland class.

At the BMHS Shetland Championship Show in August Unique won her classes and was MINIATURE JUNIOR CHAMPION and RESERVE CHAMPION in the Open Shetland classes. Her half sister Donabi Venus won the Best Foal.

We ended the season in September at Caz's Shetland Show, Bicton Arena, where Unique had another brilliant day.
In the OVERALL POINTS ACCUMULATOR, Unique won the trophy for the MOST SUCCESSFUL COLOURED SHETLAND. Amazingly she also won the CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS trophy.




Multi Champion Mare, BIRCHWOOD SHAMROCK, with two of her beautiful daughters. The Multi Champion Piebald filly DONABI UNIQUE and her 2014 palomino and white foal at foot DONABI VENUS, Champion Foal on two occasions shown.


Once again I took the decision not to cover any of my mares, it was just so wonderful to have 3 out of 3 foals born ALL FILLIES - that hasn't happened before ! Whilst it was a joy to have three beautiful, healthy fillies, all very correct and all very different, it presented headaches as to who to part with. Realistically I can't keep them all - much as my daughters want me to, so at the moment Smallprint's tiny chestnut daughter Vienna has been sold and I am running on Holly's piebald filly Donabi Viva, and Shamrock's palomino and white filly, Donabi Venus.

Viva is not only a good, strong, Miniature Shetland, but has an amazing easygoing, placid temperament and loves all the attention from my girls, and was the perfect choice to visit my daughters' primary school when she was only a few weeks old, taking it all in her stride.

Venus, Shamrock's daughter and half sister to Unique, is stunning and I would hope a show prospect for next year, but she can be a bit of a 'diva' and thinks she's a superstar already !

It has been a really enjoyable year, firstly with the anticipation of the foals arriving, then having three very different, but gorgeous fillies born safely. Still helping mum with her Miniature Horses - and we had great success with them this year, qualifying three of them for Horse of the Year Show - so not able to do too many shows with my Shetlands but the ones I did go to were enjoyable and successful.

Having been weaned several weeks now the foals are all little individuals in their own right, developing their own personalities, and taking their place along with their mothers. All are looking very woolly now in their winter coats, but it is a nice relaxing time, to enjoy them before the thought of another show season.

2014 has been memorable, and particularly with my beautiful Donabi Unique confirming once again what an outstanding Miniature Shetland she is. I am so very proud of her.


2013 was Amazing, but 2014 WOW !!

The excitement of our year began in May with foals arriving. We were thrilled to discover that all three mares covered by Birchwood Gold Top last year had got in foal and unbelievably all three produced stunning fillies.

Birchwood Shamrock was first to foal and had another lovely filly, Donabi Venus, half sister to my multi champion piebald filly Donabi Unique. Venus is a very typey palomino & white filly who I plan to run on. She has been shown twice as a foal at foot and won best foal on both occasions.

Next to foal was Birchwood Smallprint who had the most petite rich chestnut filly. Donabi Vienna too is absolutely gorgeous and a little character, and has now gone to the most wonderful home in Essex, together with her 3 year old half sister Donabi Unbelievable.


Finally Donabi Holly produced a most unusually marked piebald filly with the most wonderful outgoing personality. Donabi Viva has been shown as a foal at foot and won best foal, and adores all the attention from my two young daughters. I had planned to sell her at weaning and although I had found a lovely home for her working with disabled children, for which she would have been so well suited, my girls were so upset to lose her, they have persuaded me otherwise !


After the amazing start to the 2013 show season, it just got better. Still helping mum with her Miniature Horses but did manage to show my Shetlands some more, particularly as BMHS included a section for Shetlands, which they plan to continue in the future. I took Donabi Unique my piebald filly, who had another fantastic show culminating in taking the Junior Miniature Championship, and her dam, Birchwood Shamrock being Reserve Senior Champion. Dear Holly picked up a couple of 2nds as well, shown by my 9 year old daughter Emilene.

We ended the season at Bicton for Caz's Septermber Show where, in addition to her class wins, Donabi Unique won the Overall Points Championship for the most successful coloured Shetland pony, winning the Tonka Memorial trophy, (which mum had won in 2000 with Bernsly Annabel, dam of Donabi Holly).

Unique went on to win the Points Accumulator CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS trophy by an amazing 25 POINTS !! WOW ! what a fantastic filly she is !

We took Donabi Holly for Emilene to have a fun day with, and Holly WON the Best Veteran trophy for her.

Lots to look forward to in 2014, particularly if the mares present some beautiful babies.

I am so proud to have bred such a beautiful, correct, typey filly, and if all goes according to plan, will be eagerly awaiting a 2014 foal from her dam Birchwood Shamrock.



I decided to cover my three mares, Birchwood Smallprint, Birchwood Shamrock and Donabi Holly this year, after resting them for a couple of years, so only took Donabi Unique and Donabi Unbelievable my 2 year old fillies to the 2013 May Crealy Show (now Caz's Fun Shows).

Donabi Unbelievable was highly placed in competitive classes but my wonderful piebald Donabi Unique didn't disappoint me, continuing as a 2 year old in her winning vein from last season, ending up as Reserve Junior Miniature Champion.

At Caz's (Formerly Crealy) July show Unique again excelled by winning all three of her classes, and going one better than previously by taking the JUNIOR MINIATURE CHAMPIONSHIP - and adding 2 more trophies to her tally from last season, for the Coloured Champion and Junior Miniature Champion.


We did manage to attend the last Crealy Show, once again held at Bicton College, at the end of September, and ANOTHER 'WOW' DAY !
Shamrock and her daughter Unique once again both excelled, winning their classes. BIRCHWOOD SHAMROCK was CHAMPION MARE and RES. SNR. CHAMPION MINIATURE SHETLAND, whilst her daughter DONABI UNIQUE was JUNIOR CHAMPION MINIATURE SHETLAND and RES. SUPREME OVERALL CHAMPION.

The most amazing results all under different judges.

We may have only made it to three shows but have SIX TROPHIES and an armful of rosettes from them - so very

proud of Shamrock, and especially our homebred DONABI UNIQUE - 2012 was FANTASTIC !!!!


A lean year once again of shows to attend, only managed 2 but WOW exceptional results !!

At the end of July Crealy Show held at the re-arranged venue of Bicton College, with its wonderful facilities, we had a 'dream' day. Shamrock's yearling daughter, Donabi Unique won the miniature yearling class, with my other yearling Donabi Unbelievable 3rd, then Unique went on to be JUNIOR CHAMPION.

Birchwood Shamrock won ALL her classes entered, was CHAMPION SENIOR MINIATURE SHETLAND, and RESERVE SUPREME OVERALL - WHAT A DAY !!

At the Honiton Show the last Thursday in August Donabi Unique won the Yearling Miniature Shetland class, with Donabi Unbelievable 3rd. Unique then went 2nd in the Open Coloured Youngstock class - standing next to a huge 3 yr old who towered over her.

We are hoping to fit in the last Crealy Show of the season, once again re-arranged to be held at Bicton College, on 30th September, so looking forward to that.


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